More Holiday Sneakers

LeBron and Kobe weren’t the only ones wearing special Christmas Day kicks. Here are a few more. Steve Nash looks like he’s out there in a running shoe and check out Dwight Howard’s “Superman” edition Adidas TS Bounce Commanders. Yoooouuuuuuu!!

Dwiaght Howard Superman Adidas

D Fish 12-25

Bynum 12-25



Big Baby 12-25

Paul Pierce 12-25

KKKG Christmas



Kobe Breaks Out New Shoes Too

LeBron James wasn’t the only one sporting a new signature shoe. Last night against the Celtics, Kobe Bryant’s personally designed NIKE ID Zoom Kobe 4 sneaker was on display. Kobe also gave 100 pairs of another Zoom Kobe 4 shoe that he personally designed away to fans. And all they got in Cleveland was t-shirts and confetti…take that LeBron! Oh yeah, check out this hilarious commercial with Kobe, Mike Epps & DJ AM (obviously, before the plane crash).

Kobe Christmas Zoom Kobe 4

Zoom Kobe 4 Christmas Gift

Lebron’s Chalk Shoe

Wizards Cavaliers BasketballOK, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I AM NOT A LEBRON JAMES FAN. I have to admith though, he is without question arguably the best player in the league right now and definitely one of the best players in the world. I’m just not all caught up in the “King” James hype machine like everybody else is. So I’m not hating when I say that I’m not a fan, plus game recognize game and the Cavs are currently sitting at 25-4 so he’s definitely doing his thing.

But I am so tired of the whole rosin throwing thing he does at the scorers table every night. The guys up in Beaverton have come up with this whole marketing campaign around it in order to sell his new LeBron 6 shoe. I know you’ve seen the commercial about a hundred times already. They’ve also come up with a couple of special signature shoes for him to wear as well. Last night he debuted the “Chalk” shoe in the Christmas Day game against the Washington Wizards. Nike also gave fans confetti to throw in the air simultaneously when he goes through his nightly ritual. So first it was the candy apple red “Big Apple” shoe that he debuted in NYC last month and now this one. Check it out and play close attention to the logo on the tongue…look familiar?

LeBron 12-25


T-Mac Puts His Benz On eBay

tmac-benzI guess the recession is more serious than I thought! Remember when Cam’ron put his hot pink Range Rover  up for sale on eBay 4 years ago? Well Tracy McGrady has taken a page out of that same book. He’s auctioning his baby blue 2001 CL600 V12 Mercedes-Benz  (customized by the guys at West Coast Customs) on the site. Should you be the highest bidder you’ll get a chance to meet T-Mac himself where he’ll sign the title over to you, as well as sign the seats and the dashboard. I personally think it’s the ugliest Benz I’ve ever seen, although the Gucci interior is nice I must admit. So if you’ve got an extra 125 grand laying around, head on over to eBay and check it out.  


Eric Gordon Is A Snitch!

egOK, so now I’m not so upset anymore about Eric Gordon choosing to attend Indiana over my beloved University of Illinois Fighting Illini. Especially not after the way he just threw his former IU teammates and coach under the bus. In his first game as a professional in his home state of Indiana he told a reporter for the Indianapolis Star that aside from the whole Kelvin Sampson fiasco the other problem on that Hoosier squad last year was drug use by players other than himself, DJ White of the Oklahoma City Thunder and 2 other players. There were 14 guys on that team last year, so 10 of them were doing drugs (since we’re talking about basketball players, marijuana is clearly the drug of choice according to Josh Howard the other NBA snitch) and according to Gordon it was a “well known fact” and it wrecked their season. He said that it was so bad that he chose to spend a majority of his time with a family friend in Bloomington because he didn’t feel “comfortable” on campus. He also said that Kelvin Sampson knew about it and “tried” to stop it but he was more focused on winning games.

I don’t get it though. The team started out 17-1 and was one of the hottest teams in college basketball and he was one of the hottest players. All anybody on ESPN wanted to talk about was the Indiana Hoosiers and Eric Gordon. But during the stretch run of the season and when it counted the most…Eric Gordon disappeared. I know that he had a wrist injury, but it was to his non-shooting hand. So I’m curious Eric…when exactly did your teammates start getting high? During the 17-1 start or the second half of the season when you guys tanked it?

 So, to all of Eric Gordon’s current Los Angeles Clippers teammates, don’t invite him to any of your parties or social events and gatherings. If he sees something that most people would tend to look the other way on, he’s probably going to tell the first chance he gets. Way to earn the trust of your new teammates Eric.

Sacramento Fires Reggie Theus


“Rush Street” Reggie, the name given to him because he lived on the popular street which is located in the upscale Gold Coast neighborhood where he often hung out during his playing days here in Chicago was released today by the Sacramento Kings. He becomes the 6th head coach released this year and the 2nd after losing to the New York Knicks. I kind of have mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand I say it’s better that he did get fired because that team sucks. The team is 6-18 and Kevin Martin their star player (who I’m not sold on at all)  has only played in 9 games. So without him, he really didn’t have much to work with at all. Bobby Jackson, Brad Miller, John Salmons and Spencer Hawes won’t get you very many W’s.

On the other hand, he did take that team to a 39-43 record last year in his first season ever as a head coach in the league and he should’ve been given more of a chance to show what he could do. Word on the street though is that there was some tension between him and management a/k/a Joe & Gavin Maloof and his days were numbered no matter what he did. I think he’s a good coach that a lot of teams should take a serious look at. Don’t worry Reggie, you’ll get picked up soon…no doubt about that.

The Grizzlies Sign Darius Miles


D Miles is back in the game baby! In a move that had to suck for the Portland Trailblazers, the Grizz decided to give him a shot to see if he could give them some depth at the 3 and 4 spots. He hasn’t “officially” played in the NBA since April 15, 2006 although he did play during the pre-season this year with the Boston Celtics. His first game action with Memphis won’t come until January 4th due to him having to serve a 10 game suspension because of testing positive for a weight loss supplement that’s banned by the league. The Grizzlies have until January 7th to decide whether or not to guarantee his contract for the remainder of the season.

This is certainly not about the money because financially he’s straight. He’s already guaranteed to receive $18 million over the next two years from his contract with the Blazers. The problem for Portland is that money doesn’t count against their cap because he was declared as having a career ending injury. If the Grizzlies do keep him for the remainder of the year and he plays in 10 games that money gets charged back to the Blazers cap number, significantly reducing their cap space.

So that being the said, this just shows how hungry he is to get back in the game and prove all the naysayers wrong. He’s only 27 years old and has already seen both sides of the coin in his career. He went from being a HS All-American and a “can’t miss” prospect in the league with one of the highest selling jerseys, to being considered a bust, a thug and a team cancer. Now he’s trying to be the first player in NBA history to come back after officially being declared as having a career ending injury. Good luck D. Miles…the Chi is pulling for you!