Starbury Sounds Off…And It’s About Time!!

So we’re a month into the season and it looks like the ongoing saga in New York will be coming to an end soon. How do I know this? Because even though Stephon Marbury has been quiet, his alter ego “Starbury” has started talking! 

StephIt started last week when he said that the marriage was over and that he wouldn’t trust D’Antoni to walk his dog across the street. Then he was fined $400K for refusing to play. Yesterday, he called out his teammates by saying that they haven’t given him any support whatsoever, particularly taking exception to the comments made by Quentin Richardson. For those of you that don’t know, a few years back the two almost came to blows during a practice and that relationship has been pretty much non-existent since then. So according to Starbury, he was in a foxhole with his guys and then got shot in the head; not by the enemy, but by one of them.

As evidenced by recent behavior it’s clear that Stephon Marbury is a good dude, but the Starbury character isn’t exactly a model teammate by any means. When things don’t go his way he starts to pout and sulk and that type of behavior ultimately brings the team down, so in my opinion he shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of support from him teammates. All of the blame in this situation goes directly to Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh. This whole thing has now become a distraction that they’ve created because to his credit, Stephon Marbury has been a model citizen through all of this. Me personally, I was bored with the “PC” sound bites he had been giving lately and I’ve been patiently awaiting the return of Starbury!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,  if he wasn’t in their plans then they should’ve let him go instead of sticking him on the bench in street clothes and then trying to play him only when they needed him to. That’s like breaking up with your live-in girlfriend but not wanting her to move out of the house…you know, just in case you ever “need” her for something! That’s just plain dumb! Donnie Walsh needs to put his ego and pride in having never bought out a player to the side and get this thing resolved. If you allow him to remain inactive and sit him on the bench for a whole year while paying him his full salary you’ve essentially bought him out anyway, so what’s the difference? You’re still not getting any return on your investment. It’s time for everyone to move on and part ways. There is no need to continue to drag this thing out.


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