Stephon Marbury – BANNED!!

starburyYesterday the New York Knicks officially parted ways with Stephon Marbury by banishing him from the team (with pay). He will not be allowed to participate in practice or attend any games. This likely means that nothing will be done until January 1st when the Knicks will probably release him.

Marbury attended a meeting yesterday with James Dolan and an attorney from the players union hoping to settle on a buyout. Stephon offered to sacrifice $1 million dollars in order to leave the team, but it seems that both sides are about $2 million dollars apart. After 15 minutes Steph left the meeting and was told to stay away from the team.

And this is exactly the reason why I’m not a Stephon Marbury/Starbury fan. Steph says he’ll be happy to take $20.9 million in order to leave, the Knicks apparently offered him $18.9 million…so what’s the big deal!? C’mon Steph, it’s not like you’re in the poor house! $3 million dollars isn’t going to make or break you. Everybody knows who’s at fault in this situation, but you’re now making yourself just as responsible for being a part of the problem. Just take the money and get on with your life and your career. I would…


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