Sacramento Fires Reggie Theus


“Rush Street” Reggie, the name given to him because he lived on the popular street which is located in the upscale Gold Coast neighborhood where he often hung out during his playing days here in Chicago was released today by the Sacramento Kings. He becomes the 6th head coach released this year and the 2nd after losing to the New York Knicks. I kind of have mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand I say it’s better that he did get fired because that team sucks. The team is 6-18 and Kevin Martin their star player (who I’m not sold on at all)  has only played in 9 games. So without him, he really didn’t have much to work with at all. Bobby Jackson, Brad Miller, John Salmons and Spencer Hawes won’t get you very many W’s.

On the other hand, he did take that team to a 39-43 record last year in his first season ever as a head coach in the league and he should’ve been given more of a chance to show what he could do. Word on the street though is that there was some tension between him and management a/k/a Joe & Gavin Maloof and his days were numbered no matter what he did. I think he’s a good coach that a lot of teams should take a serious look at. Don’t worry Reggie, you’ll get picked up soon…no doubt about that.


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