Eric Gordon Is A Snitch!

egOK, so now I’m not so upset anymore about Eric Gordon choosing to attend Indiana over my beloved University of Illinois Fighting Illini. Especially not after the way he just threw his former IU teammates and coach under the bus. In his first game as a professional in his home state of Indiana he told a reporter for the Indianapolis Star that aside from the whole Kelvin Sampson fiasco the other problem on that Hoosier squad last year was drug use by players other than himself, DJ White of the Oklahoma City Thunder and 2 other players. There were 14 guys on that team last year, so 10 of them were doing drugs (since we’re talking about basketball players, marijuana is clearly the drug of choice according to Josh Howard the other NBA snitch) and according to Gordon it was a “well known fact” and it wrecked their season. He said that it was so bad that he chose to spend a majority of his time with a family friend in Bloomington because he didn’t feel “comfortable” on campus. He also said that Kelvin Sampson knew about it and “tried” to stop it but he was more focused on winning games.

I don’t get it though. The team started out 17-1 and was one of the hottest teams in college basketball and he was one of the hottest players. All anybody on ESPN wanted to talk about was the Indiana Hoosiers and Eric Gordon. But during the stretch run of the season and when it counted the most…Eric Gordon disappeared. I know that he had a wrist injury, but it was to his non-shooting hand. So I’m curious Eric…when exactly did your teammates start getting high? During the 17-1 start or the second half of the season when you guys tanked it?

 So, to all of Eric Gordon’s current Los Angeles Clippers teammates, don’t invite him to any of your parties or social events and gatherings. If he sees something that most people would tend to look the other way on, he’s probably going to tell the first chance he gets. Way to earn the trust of your new teammates Eric.


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