Lebron’s Chalk Shoe

Wizards Cavaliers BasketballOK, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I AM NOT A LEBRON JAMES FAN. I have to admith though, he is without question arguably the best player in the league right now and definitely one of the best players in the world. I’m just not all caught up in the “King” James hype machine like everybody else is. So I’m not hating when I say that I’m not a fan, plus game recognize game and the Cavs are currently sitting at 25-4 so he’s definitely doing his thing.

But I am so tired of the whole rosin throwing thing he does at the scorers table every night. The guys up in Beaverton have come up with this whole marketing campaign around it in order to sell his new LeBron 6 shoe. I know you’ve seen the commercial about a hundred times already. They’ve also come up with a couple of special signature shoes for him to wear as well. Last night he debuted the “Chalk” shoe in the Christmas Day game against the Washington Wizards. Nike also gave fans confetti to throw in the air simultaneously when he goes through his nightly ritual. So first it was the candy apple red “Big Apple” shoe that he debuted in NYC last month and now this one. Check it out and play close attention to the logo on the tongue…look familiar?

LeBron 12-25



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