Stephon Marbury – Seeing Green?

Stephon MarburyHappy New Year everybody! I haven’t written anything in a while due to the holidays…spending time with the wife & kids and stuff, you know how it is. But it’s back to “work” and I wanted to address the rumor that’s been floating around for over a week now and that’s Stephon Marbury joining the Boston Celtics.

Remember when Steph showed up courtside at the Knicks/Lakers game out in LA last month? Well, he did an interview and said that the team that he was going to, people were going to be “shocked” about it. Well, he wasn’t lying about that. Who could’ve ever imagined Starbury in a Celtics uni? Certainly not I. But let me say this…I like it! And not only do I like it, but I think it could work. I know that the teams that he’s played for in his career have never won anything and usually when he suits up for a squad it instantly goes down. But when you have the “Big Ticket”, “Jesus” and “The Truth” on a squad, it can cancel out the curse of Starbury.

Nobody in the Celtics locker room seems opposed to the idea, especially not KG who a lot of  people felt he didn’t like Steph because of what happened in Minnesota. But he’s given the move a vote of confidence along with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and although not publicly, Doc Rivers. From a basketball perspective, it gives them depth where they lack it most and that’s at the PG spot. Sam Cassell is like a hundred years old and he’s been in street clothes lately and Eddie House we all know is not a PG. When Rondo goes out it’s almost like it’s PG by committee and Steph could help out a lot.

As far as him being a disruption, I don’t see that happening either. He probably won’t be signed long term, he’ll be like PJ Brown was last year. And since the C’s won it all last year and are favored to repeat, winning cures all and expect to see Stephon on his best behavior if and when he does sign. The only question now is will the Knicks pull the trigger and buy him out, especially with this rumor floating around? They still have hopes of trading him which isn’t going to happen, let’s face it. And the last thing I’m sure the Knicks organization wants to see is the biggest pain in their you know what going to a Eastern Conference rival and championship contender and winning a ring. As I like to say all the time…we’ll see how this one plays out. Stay tuned.


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