Yeah LeBron, You Walked…

Since I’m a blogger, I like to read other people’s blogs from time to time. I lecrybabycame across a few blogs from Washington Wizards fans and they have absolutely no love for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I mean let’s face it, why would they? This guy has single-handedly put them out of the playoffs in painful fashion three years in a row. In the DC metro area blogosphere, he’s known as “LeCrybaby” James. Last night, that play on words gained a little bit more momentum.

In a very tight game where the Wizards were pretty much in control until the very end, LeBron was called for traveling on a play that could’ve tied the game and sent him to the line for a 3 point play. According to him he took a “crab dribble” but if you look at the replay, he took three steps. We all know that they never call traveling in the league, and if the refs wanted to they could make a travelling call on just about every play in an NBA game. But this one was so blatant that they had to call it. Of course LeBron says he didn’t walk and said it was a bad call. But I think the refs got it right this time.


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