Michael Beasley – Overrated?

I remember having a conversation with one of my guys about who the Bulls Heat Nuggets Basketballshould take with the #1 pick. He said Beasley and I said Rose. He said I was trippin’, I told him you’ll see. So I get him on the phone last night during the Miami Heat/Denver Nuggets game and I ask him if he still thought the Bulls should’ve taken Beasley #1? His answer to me…NOPE! He said that had Chicago taken Beasley they would probably have a worse record than they have now.

I’ve seen several of his games so far this season and every time I watch him he seems so disinterested in the game. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen flashes of how good he can be, but some nights he just looks spaced out. Maybe it’s the system, or maybe they have him playing out of position, or maybe Michael Beasley just really isn’t as good as we all thought he was. It’s one thing to dominate kids in HS and college and having people say that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s grown men in the league and the #2 pick in the draft looks like a goldfish swimming in the ocean.

Right now he’s 4th among rookies in scoring behind OJ Mayo, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook and coming in it was widely assumed that he could not only be rookie of the year, but also average 20ppg instead of the 13ppg he’s averaging right now. Granted he’s getting less minutes than those other guys but everyone expected him to be a full time starter in Miami and that lasted for about a month and a half. So what’s the problem?

Well for starters he isn’t a 6’10” power forward, he’s actually a 6’7″ small forward. The problem with that is he isn’t quick enough to play on the perimeter and too small to play down low. He’s a “tweener” which is the kiss of death for an NBA player but you never hear it associated with big men. The other thing is he really doesn’t have a “pro” game or a real high basketball IQ. He dominated at the lower levels for so long that I think he came into the league thinking the game would be just as easy. Wrong assumption there. You gotta work now son.

He’s already admitted to hitting the rookie wall and has said that he’s trying to get his mojo and his swag back. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a player say anything like that. Sure it happens, but guys are so competitive that they don’t talk about it publicly because it exposes weakness. You never want to let the sharks that are NBA players smell blood because then it’s over. It seems like Michael Beasley has gone from a player to a project. Derrick Coleman reincarnated. I know it’s only his rookie year and I have been wrong about players before (what up Tayshaun!), but I hate to be an ” I told you so”…


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  1. Just, you say. He’s too small for PowerFoward. This condition maybe was important in college but it’s more important in NBA (jerome lane, gerald glass, randy white…)

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