Blazers Team President Larry Miller Is A Hater!


This Darius Miles thing just keeps getting better and better.  We all know the story, if he plays in 10 NBA games after being diagnosed with a career ending injury then the Portland Trailblazers are financially screwed. The Memphis Grizzlies released him on Wednesday but he did play in 2 games for  them. The league then determined that the 6 games that he played with the Boston Celtics during the pre-season actually count towards the 10. So now he only needs 2 more games under his belt and the Blazers are up a creek.

So what does team president Larry Miller do? He sends an email to every team president and GM in the league saying that if they sign this guy then they’re going to get sued. Here is the full text of the email:

“Team Presidents and General Managers,

“The Portland Trail Blazers are aware that certain teams may be contemplating signing Darius Miles to a contract for the purpose of adversely impacting the Portland Trail Blazers Salary Cap and tax positions. Such conduct from a team would violate its fiduciary duty as an NBA joint venturer. In addition, persons or entities involved in such conduct may be individually liable to the Portland Trail Blazers for tortuously interfering with the Portland Trail Blazers’ contract rights and perspective economic opportunities.

“Please be aware that if a team engages in such conduct, the Portland Trail Blazers will take all necessary steps to safeguard its rights, including, without limitation, litigation.”

I have never heard of anything like this in my entire life! This just opens up a door for D Miles to sue the Blazers by interfering with his right to work. You can’t do that! They received cap relief and insurance benefits from him being diagnosed with a career ending injury, but he obviously wants to continue his career and there are teams out there who feel as though he can still play. So you can’t try and block his progress or put a halt to his career just because you want to protect yourself financially. This is the most absurd thing that I’ve ever heard in my life. Larry Miller who is a former Nike exec and President of the Jordan Brand is African-American, and in my opinion what he’s just done constitutes as black on black crime. I find him guilty as charged!


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