Miguel Paul – Chris Paul’s Cousin…Or Is He?

miguel-paulOK, let’s face it…we’ve all lied about something at least once in our lives. But we all know that if you’re going to lie about something, make sure that the real truth never comes back to bite you in the butt. Apparently University of Missouri point guard Miguel Paul missed that crucial piece of information.

Find Miguel Paul in the University of Missouri men’s basketball media guide and you’ll see that the freshman PG from Florida wears jersey #3 and lists Chris Paul as his first cousin. Just this past November he gave an interview to the Columbia Missourian saying how he didn’t want to go to Wake Forest (who he says was recruiting him hard) like his cousin did because he wanted to go his own way. He also told a story about his HS team winning a tournament in Raleigh, NC and after the game CP3 was waiting for him in the locker room. The article also lists his nickname as “MP3”, a spinoff of his famous cousins. Pretty cool huh?

So on Tuesday, Michael Kelly who is  a senior student at Mizzou traveled to New Orleans to do a story for the NBC affiliate in Columbia, MO about the success that both Chris and his little cousin Miguel are having on the basketball court. A funny thing happened when he got to New Orleans though. When asked about his cousin Miguel, Chris said that he’d never heard of him and had no idea who he was!

Later that day, David Reiter who is the associate director of media at the university questioned Miguel about his claim. He said that he made an error on his bio questionnaire saying that Chris Paul was his first cousin, but he did maintain that they are related through one of CP3’s uncles whose name is James Paul. Miguel said that his father and James Paul went to college together at Winston-Salem State in North Carolina and it was there that they discovered that they were somehow related. The school even spoke with Miguel’s parents who said that they were once invited by “Uncle James” to a Paul family reunion but it hasn’t been “officially” confirmed by Chris on whether or not he even has an uncle named James.

Either way it goes, it’s ridiculous that this kid even thought he could pull something like this off. It’s not like he’s at some crappy D3 school that nobody cares about or has even heard of. He’s at a major D1 school in the Big 12 for crying out loud! Personally, if he would’ve told me that story the first thing I would’ve done is checked his shoe game. If Chris Paul is your FIRST COUSIN, then you’d better have some exclusive Jordan’s laying around that nobody’s ever seen before. If he was my first cousin, I know I certainly would. I hope for his sake that this all checks out and he ends up being Chris Paul’s 3rd or 4th cousin twice removed because if it doesn’t he’s NEVER, EVER going to hear the end of it…from anybody!

 ***  I was going to post a link to the media guide, but the school has obviously updated it since this story broke and has removed the Chris Paul reference from Miguel Paul’s bio *** 


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