It’s True, LeBron Is A Crybaby (He’s Also Really Good Too!)


I took my 3yr old son to the Bulls game last night because unlike me, he actually likes LeBron James, or as he calls him, “B. James”. My son has been asking me for a while now to take him to see Kobe and LeBron but the game last night was the first one that I actually had time to take him to. So I make a few phone calls and then in the bitter Chicago cold my son and I and made our way to the United Center. From my phone calls I ended up getting us seats about 4 rows back from the floor, adjacent to the Cavs bench and right next to the guardrail of the visitors tunnel. I figured that would be a cool place for my son to see and high five the players as they came in and out of the locker room and he would have an up close and personal look at his guy B. James. Father of the year right? Well it’s only January, but my son certainly thought so!

Last night was my first time ever seeing LeBron play in person and my first time ever seeing him up close, so let me say this…I am a witness! LeBron James is a MASSIVE human being! Dude is ridiculously huge and what’s even more amazing is how quick and how fast he is. I know I’ve said over and over  that I’m not a fan, but I will say that I was impressed. The only thing I didn’t like was the whole rosin routine (we all know how I feel about that) but the fans here in Chicago seemed to enjoy it and I’ll admit, it was pretty cool to see it live and in person.

Watching an NBA game on TV and watching one in real life is like night and day. The TV cameras don’t allow you to see all of the nuances and little things that actually go on during a game. For example, LeBron was sick last night and he was in and out of the locker room the entire game. You wouldn’t have gotten that on TNT. But there were two main things I noticed last night about LeBron that I’ve never actually paid attention to when watching him on TV. The first is that he travels just about every time he drives to the basket. He showed off the “crab dribble” last night and the refs called traveling but there were at least 7 or 8 other times throughout the night that they could’ve and probably should’ve blown the whistle on him for steps. The other thing I noticed — which is also the main thing — is the way LeBron works the refs. OK, let me rephrase that…the way LeBron CRIES to the refs! Dude complains the ENTIRE game about any and everything! Traveling calls, no calls, defensive fouls, offensive fouls, fouls that weren’t even called on him; it’s borderline ridiculous actually. Now I understand why Wizards fans call him LeCrybaby James.

But I will say this, minus the crying LeBron James is without a doubt one of the best if not the best player in the league right now. Put it this way, if Kobe Bryant is #1 then LeBron is #1A. The talk about him possibly being defensive player of the year is well deserved because when he guards his man, that guy is locked down…period! He’s not going anywhere. LeBron is so quick and so fast and covers so much ground on his defensive slides that you have no choice but to the pass the ball when he’s on you. Offensively, well we all know how he gets it done. He’s so big and so strong and basically on his drives to the basket, he just leads with his shoulder and puts it into the defender and just moves him out of the way. So overall, for my first LeBron James experience and seeing him flirt with a triple double I have to say that it was pretty cool…but I’m still not a fan. My son still is, but he’s 3yrs old and doesn’t know any better!


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