Rudy Fernandez To Compete In The Dunk Contest

Rudy FernandezRudy Fernandez has beaten out Joe Alexander of the Milwaukee Bucks and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder to be the 4th participant in this years dunk contest during All-Star Weekend in Phoenix. I’m totally stunned by this one. Yeah Fernandez has some nice in-game dunks…including a vicious one over Dwight Howard a/k/a D-12 b/k/a Superman in the Olympics last summer in the greatest Olympic basketball game ever played, but the dunk contest is about creativity and I just don’t see that out of him in an individual showcase like that. I could be wrong though so we’ll see. But I would’ve much rather seen either Alexander or Westbrook. I didn’t vote, but I have one question for those who did…what were you thinking? Do you guys know something about dunking and dunkers that I don’t?


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