Darius Miles – Perfect “10”

On Friday night Darius Miles played in an $18 million dollar basketball game against the Utah Jazz. The D MilesGrizzlies lost, but so did the Portland Trailblazers who will now have D. Miles’ salary go back on their books and also move them into luxury tax territory after he played in his 10th NBA game since being diagnosed with a career-ending knee injury 2 years ago. After the stunt they pulled last week — that the NBA surprisingly didn’t fine them for — I say good for them. No he’s not the player he once was, but he can still play and he deserves to be able to continue his career without interference from his former employer. I think it says a lot about him that he didn’t just pack it in and take his money and run. He worked hard and rehabbed his body so that he could get back into the NBA and he’s shown that he can contribute which is all you can ask for from a player coming off microfracture surgery in his right knee and being away from the game for two years. I hope that he sticks in Memphis because it seems like it would be a good situation for him. They aren’t going to win many games which should give him plenty of minutes and the opportunity to get himself back into NBA game shape.

I doubt that he’ll ever be the player that he once was, but it’s good to see him buck the odds and the Dr’s who said that he would never play again. He made his money the first time around and he knows that he’ll never see another big payday like he did 4 years ago in Portland. He’s playing now because he truly loves the game of basketball and that’s good to see.


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