Kobe Sets Madison Square Garden Record

Lakers Knicks Basketball

Thank God for NBA League Pass! OK, so I missed the 81pt game against Toronto a few years back, but I watched Kob drop all 61 against the Knicks last night. My man went to work from the jump ball! He couldn’t be stopped and when it was all said and done, he walked away with the record for the most points scored in the Garden by any player, home or away. That tops the 60pts Bernard King dropped on Christmas Day back in ’84 and the 55pts the G.O.A.T put up almost 14 years ago (in only his 5th game back from retirement) or as Spike Lee called it, “The Double Nickel”.

If you’ve been watching Kobe this year, he’s basically been cruising. He really has had a quiet season in comparison to previous years. I guess the news about Andrew Bynum being out 8-12 weeks with a torn MCL made him flip his aggressive switch because he knows now that he needs to step it up to keep the Lakers in the thick of it. But after the game, Kobe told reporters that his motivation came from Spike Lee. The two had plans to review the documentary that Spike filmed on him last year and he said that he didn’t want to be sitting next to him listening to him talk trash about the Knicks. So when Kobe met up with him at the elevator the conversation went like this:

Spike: “I didn’t say nothing to you, so they can’t say this one’s on me.”

Kobe: “Reggie Miller, your fault! M.J. 55, your fault! Sixty-one, your fault!”

Whatever the case, it was a bad night to be a New York Knick! The fans certainly appreciated it though. They were booing Kobe pretty much the whole game, but they shouted “MVP” at him with about 2 minutes left in the 4th. You gotta love Knicks fans! They truly appreciate good basketball performances no matter if it’s one of theirs or not.

The sad part about what happened last night is the “Kobe Haters” who’ve had to be quiet all season are going to have something to talk about now. They’re going to have another reason to call him a ball hog and say that he shoots all the time. It’s all good though. Kobe is still the best in the league and if you don’t have haters, then you aint doing nothing anyway. Keep doing your thing Kob!


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