Bron Bron Drops “Fiddy Two” And A Triple Double At MSG

The KingIf you’re Spike Lee or just a fan with tickets to the last two New York Knick games, then you were “Witness” to probably the greatest individual performances by opposing players on back to back nights in the almost 41 year history of the “new” building (there have been 3 others).

Two nights ago Kobe dropped 61pts which was the highest points ever scored in the Garden, and last night LeBron became only the second player since Kareem in ’75 to post a 50pt triple double with 52pts, 11 assists and 10 boards, the 21st of his career. He also became only the second visiting player since the G.O.A.T to have multiple 50pt games at MSG. And, since the ABA and NBA merged in 1976, he’s now the leader in most points scored in a triple double passing Larry Bird by 3pts and MJ by 5.  Man, it must be something about that building! Too bad that mojo doesn’t rub off on Knicks players though!

I’ve said over and over again that I’m not a fan, but even I have to admit that when he’s “on” like he was last night, what he does on the court is absolutely amazing. Had it not been for 4th quarter cramps, he probably could’ve caught or even eclipsed what Kobe did a couple of nights earlier. Either way, in a 72 hour span New York city played host to two of the best players in our game today and they both put up Broadway worthy performances.


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