John Paxson To Step Down?

paxsonHmmm, I wonder if Jerry Reinsdorf reads my blog? Word on the streets of “The Chi” is that John Paxson will step down either before or after the February 19th trade deadline. If you read my last post on John Paxson, I basically called for his head. He was a good player during the championship years, but he’s led my beloved Bulls down a dark, mediocre and underachieving road of late and I’d pretty much had all I can stand.

I actually saw him Tuesday night during the Bulls/Pistons game (disregard the guy putting on his chapstick…great seats though huh!) at the United Center where they honored Johnny “Red” Kerr. There were a number of basketball “dignitaries” there like Dolph Schayes, Jerry Colangelo, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. When they got up to speak, the United Center crowed cheered each and every one. When Paxson was called, he was booed mercilessly. I knew then that the almost 20,000 who were in attendance that night felt the same way about him as I did. It’s time for a “regime change” in Chicago. Hoepfully if this rumor is actually true, Mr. Reinsdorf will bring someone in who knows how to build a winner. Vinny, I hope you’re renting and you didn’t buy because if Paxson goes, you’re going right behind him!


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