Shawn Marion Traded To Toronto For Jermaine O’Neal

The Matrix Game WinnerSo last night, Shawn “The Matrix” Marion literally slam dunked my beloved Chicago Bulls to another loss. Today, he was traded north of the border to Toronto for Jermaine O’neal. I hate that for him too. He went from a winner in Phoenix, to a rejuvinated and young Miami Heat team that’s making some noise in the east, to a bottom feeder in Toronto that has no chance of re-signing its star player Chris Bosh when his contract is up. Talk about a downward spiral.


For Jermaine O’neal, he’s playing on his 4th team in his career and if he can Jermaine O'Nealstay healthy this may actually turn out to be a good move for himself and the Heat. I don’t know if he’s that missing piece that the team needed, but it certainly helps Michael Beasley as far as playing time goes. He needs it too. I’m just really happy that this deal was made because it just improves the Bulls chances of snagging Amare Stoudamire from Phoenix!



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