Allen Iverson Cut His Hair!!

Cornrows are officially dead now…

AI - No Hair

Allen Iverson Hair Cut 2


20 Responses

  1. Dis dude has been my hero, and I have looked up 2 dis dude since day 1 since my pops wasn’t there fokes say we look a like….well look like its tyme 4 me 2 let my braidz go 2…..1 love ivo

  2. Yo Iverson is my 2nd father real talk……my idol…..and i look up 2 him…..i cut my hair a lil b4 him and i sed 2 myself iverson gotta do it 4 me and look at happens….. he finally did it……time 4 a change !

    Allen Iverson Gonna Perform In This AllStar Game…!

    *Classy Chris*


  4. All the way back to rookie year! He coulda got it lined up though, haha! The Answer to ya questions! 2009 NBA ALL-Star MVP.

  5. dis is crazy liek forreal i knew it would happen one day but not this soon

  6. He’s still beautfiul! This just shows that’s he’s growing up, in a way. He’s getting older, more mature, and I think it’s a great idea.

  7. Amazing, it will get some time I will get used to him like this! hope he’ll find “the answer” tonight

  8. He’s looking for that aerodynamic edge. It’s still not going to help the East beat the West, but it’s a start. (Looks better though for sure, never really liked the rows)

  9. What is this 1996?

  10. I’ve always admired this dude because he seemed to stand for what he believed in even if it wasn’t what others would have him do. I love it that he’s changed his hair but not because there was anything wrong with the braids in the first place but because the change represents his development.
    For many the braids stood for rebellion and anti-establishment thinking and obviously they were reading their own agendas, not his. They failed to respect him for being the man he was even though he had many mistakes to make and grow up as we all have to do though without the money and related pressure he had to deal with in that process.
    To me, the elimination of the braids is the indication that he’s ready for the next level of his life. He’s ready!
    You go boy!

  11. he’s sticking up his middle finger. First time I saw that I was all ROFLMAO

  12. Honestly, the brotha should have left the braids in! Remember what happened to Samson when he cut his hair!

  13. Yea that is a nice hair cut

  14. aw i def liked him better with the braids. =[

  15. i think his hair style is better than it used to, more clean and simple.

  16. Now he will finally win an NBA title

  17. May he get many head massages from his wife and kids now. His scalp will relax and he’ll get to truly enjoy reaping all the good from the positive things he’s done in his life. The ‘rows were cool and all, but don’t they hurt when you have them all tight like that?

  18. It’s like 1996 all over again

  19. why is that line in the middle of his head tho, but yea i gotta say the cut would be a good look if he just lined it up.

  20. this man is one of the best ever to cross anybody over and now that he cut the braids and turn it into a fade he has became the greatest to drive into da lane……

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