Amare Soudamire Out For The Season

I guess if it wasn’t for bad luck the Phoenix Suns would have no luck at all. amare-stoudemireLast night Amare Stoudamire suffered a partially detached retina in a win over the Los Angeles Clippers that required him to have surgery today. Dr’s speculate he will be out at least 8 weeks which makes the remainder of the season for him a wash. Ironically enough, in the same game he showed how bad the Clippers actually suck. The injury occurred in the 1st quarter as Amare went up to block an Al Thornton dunk. He left the game briefly but came back and dropped 42pts…WITH ONE EYE! Wow, that’s got to make you feel terrible as a Clippers player and it has to be an eye opening revelation (no pun intended) as the GM of that organization that your team really is that bad.

Amare’s injury severely eliminates any hope the Suns had of making the playoffs this season after firing Terry Porter and allowing Alvin Gentry to reinstate the high octane, up tempo playing style the Suns are known for. Get well soon Amare…your team needs you.


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