John Paxson Says He’s Not Going Anywhere

j-paxson1OK, so my previous post called for John Paxson to be canned after he traded Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni for John Salmons and Brad Miller. But I digress. Yes, I was very upset that he traded away Nocioni and Gooden, but trading Sefolosha to Oklahoma City for a 1st round pick kind of calmed me down a bit. I thought that was a great move. Sefolosha sucked anyway and if OKC is willing to part with a 1st round pick for him, you can’t pass that deal up.

Next he traded Larry Hughes to the Knicks for Tim Thomas, Jerome James and Anthony Roberson. This is Thomas’ second stint with the Bulls after playing only 3 games during the Scott Skiles era and then being paid $14 million to stay home for 5 months! The Bulls later waived him and he signed with the Phoenix Suns and helped them during their playoff run. Hopefully he can help us out the same way this time. The Bulls are banking on his prior relationship with Vinny Del Negro in Phoenix to be a motivating factor.

Jerome James on the other hand has been out all season with a ruptured Achilles and it’s been speculated that this injury could possibly end his career. If it does, the Bulls will pocket $9 million dollars because the insurance will pay his salary. So I’d say that was a solid move there also.

The talking heads on TV and the guys in the papers are urging fans to be patient after the moves the Bulls made. From a financial standpoint, all of the deals made sense but I have been very, very patient for a long, long time and I think I echo the sentiment of Bulls fans everywhere when I say that I’m tired of being patient and I’m ready to win…NOW!! I feel like we should be well past the rebuilding phase at this point because other teams in the east getting better and we’re not. Sure, there are some big name free agents coming up in 2010 and the Bulls have positioned themselves to make a run at these guys, but that’s rolling the dice. Who knows if those guys will leave their current teams? The only guy who says that he wants out is Chris Bosh and I personally wouldn’t like to see him in a Bulls uniform.

So to John Paxon, I offer the sincerest of apologies. You have to understand that I’m like the biggest Bulls fan in the world and it upsets me to see my team struggle the way that they have. But I will say this…for the sake of your legacy as GM of the Bulls, you’d better hope this works out. Jerry Krause was a short, fat and arrogant jerk…but he did build a team that won 6 rings. You’ve only built a team that made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs. That’s not good enough.


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