Stephon Marbury – Free At Last!!

StephThe arbitration hearing between Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks over the $400,000 team fine levied to him for his refusal to play earlier in the season, has ended up with a buyout agreement being reached by both parties today.

Starbury is Free!!

After he clears waivers on Thursday, he will be free to sign with any team that he wants which in this case should be the Boston Celtics who also signed ex-Sacramento King center Mikki Moore earlier today.

Stephon reportedly gave up $2 million of the $20.8 million that that the Knicks owed him; not a bad deal if you ask me. Especially if he can get a championship out of it. I know that people are going to question why the C’s would risk signing him given his baggage and his history of bringing teams down, but I say why not? He’s an All-Star PG and a legitimate scoring threat that will be backing up Rajon Rondo who is none of the above. The reward definitely outweighs the risk in this situation. There is something about winning that can turn a head case into a model citizen. When the Bulls signed Dennis Rodman, he was already a certified nut! That deal turned out OK wouldn’t you say?

I’m more concerned with Steph’s inactivity. He hasn’t played in a regular season NBA game in over a year so there’s no question that the rust is going to be there. He just has to find a way to fit in with the team and contribute down the stretch. If he’s able to do that then I’d say Danny Ainge might have a career as a professional gambler after his GM days are over with!


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