The Heat Retire Alonzo Mourning’s Jersey

alonzo-mourning-jerseyAlonzo Mourning is the first player in the 21 year history of the Miami Heat franchise to have his jersey retired. And it was well deserved. He was the face of that organization for years after they acquired him from the Charlotte Hornets in 1995. He was also one of the toughest players in the history of the NBA. Physically, he looked like a sculptor took a rock and chiseled him out; he played hard on both ends of the floor; and after being diagnosed in ’00 with kidney disease, retiring and then undergoing a transplant ’03, doctors told him he would never play in the NBA again. 3 years later he won an NBA championship in Miami. In his career ‘Zo put up 14,311 points, grabbed 7,137 rebounds and blocks. In Miami they call him the “Ultimate Warrior”…that’s definitely who Alonzo Mourning is.Alonzo Mourning


Kirk Snyder Pulls Akickdoe!!

Ok everybody, I’m back on my blogging grind! I took some time off to get some things together. I’m also writing for Dime Magazine now and I’ve been hard at work on a story about Al Ford that I actually blogged about a few months back. It’s going to be in the next issue so I’ll let everybody know when it drops. But on to this…



Remember Kirk Snyder? He was the guy that played at the University of Nevada-Reno and led them to the Sweet 16 in ’04. He also most recently played for the Houston Rockets & Minnesota Timberwolves. Well, I guess hard times have befallen Mr. Snyder and he’s officially lost his mind! He was arrested yesterday in Warren County, OH for breaking and entering his neighbors home and then beating him while he was asleep in his bed! How crazy is that?! 5 years ago he was the 16th player taken in the NBA Draft. Today he’s breaking & entering and assaulting his neighbors. Crazy…

Happy Birthday To The National Basketblog!!

basketball-birthdayWell, it was exactly one year agao today that I came to the conclusion that I hated my job and wanted to start on a path of doing something that I loved which was writing. So I started blogging! I never thought that this blog would’ve taken off the way that it has, but I’m so thankful to all of the people who’ve read the blog and left comments.  A lot’s changed since I started this blog. I haven’t posted anything recently because I’m working on a story that’s going to appear in an upcoming issue of Dime magazine!! That was my goal when I started blogging was to one day write for a national publication and Dime has given me a shot (thanks Pat)! I’m still going to keep the blog going, but until I get my piece completed, the posts won’t be coming as frequently as they used to. Still, there’s a lot of great stuff in the archives for you to check out. Thanks again to everybody that’s helped me and encouraged me to keep me writing.

Introducing…Will Bynum

No, this isn’t Chicago’s Will Bynum, but this kid from Montana State can really get up. Just watch…

Will Bynum

Will Bynum Dunk

The Chicago Bulls & Miami Heat – Instant Classic!

Dwyane WadeI’m not sure if last night’s game was on anywhere else besides Chicago and Miami, but if it was and you actually watched it, you saw arguably the best NBA game all season. I’m going to say that it was probably one of the top 10 NBA games of all time. The game was so good, I stood in front of my TV the last 3 minutes of regulation and through both overtimes! I just knew that my Bulls were going to pull it out, but that man…Flash, Chi-Town’s finest ripped my heart out. Dwyane Wade hit a running 3 pointer at the buzzer to end the game in the 2nd overtime. Not only that, but he also hit a 3 to send the game into overtime at the end of regulation. It was a game the Bulls probably shouldn’t have lost, but I was glad to see that the team had a lot of fight in them and they played hard until the end. My only question is why was the ball in John Salmons’ hand at the end? Sure he had Udonis Haslem on him and he did play OK last night, but Ben Gordon WENT OFF!! D Wade had 48pts last night, but Ben Gordon put up 43 and he was the sole reason the Bulls were even in the game. He hist some BIG shots last night so if anybody should’ve had the ball in his hands at the end of the game, it should’ve been him or at the very least Derrick Rose. Worse case scenario the game would’ve gone into a third overtime if the shot was missed. I also don’t think that D Wade gambles on the steal if one of those guys would’ve had the ball.

I can’t get mad that my squad lost though, that was the most incredible game I’ve ever seen. If anybody feels that Dwayne Wade doesn’t deserve MVP consideration…they’d better think again. Even though he doesn’t play for our team, Chi-Town stand up…Dwyane Wade belongs to us!!

Bulls Uniform Patch To Honor Van Lier And Kerr


For the remainder of the season, the Bulls will wear this patch to honor recently fallen legends Johnny “Red” Kerr and Norm Van Lier. It’s a fitting way to honor two of the greatest representatives of Chicago Bulls basketball.

Britney Griner Won’t Play In The McDonald’s All-American Game

Britney Griner

6’8″ girls prep dunking phenom Britney Griner who is a Baylor signee and current #1 player in the nation could become only the second player since Tracy McGrady and the first girl to skip the McDonald’s All-American game which will be played April 1st in Miami. The reason behind it is that the principal of her HS won’t authorize her to miss up to week of school which is the typical commitment of a player invited to play in this prestigious event.  Wait a minute…

Who’s running the show here?

If my daughter is the #1 player in the nation and selected to play in the McDonald’s game, guess what? My daughter is playing in that game, no matter what the principal says! She’s the reason why we even know that school exists in the first place. Now I could see if the game interfered with the Texas state playoffs or a championship game, that would be understandable, but that’s not the case. This is her parent’s call, not the principals. What’s he going to do, suspend her? I seriously doubt that. Her father needs to stand up and do what’s in the best interest of Britney. I’m going to say that this isn’t an “official” decision and I think she’ll play in this game before it’s all said and done.