Britney Griner Won’t Play In The McDonald’s All-American Game

Britney Griner

6’8″ girls prep dunking phenom Britney Griner who is a Baylor signee and current #1 player in the nation could become only the second player since Tracy McGrady and the first girl to skip the McDonald’s All-American game which will be played April 1st in Miami. The reason behind it is that the principal of her HS won’t authorize her to miss up to week of school which is the typical commitment of a player invited to play in this prestigious event.  Wait a minute…

Who’s running the show here?

If my daughter is the #1 player in the nation and selected to play in the McDonald’s game, guess what? My daughter is playing in that game, no matter what the principal says! She’s the reason why we even know that school exists in the first place. Now I could see if the game interfered with the Texas state playoffs or a championship game, that would be understandable, but that’s not the case. This is her parent’s call, not the principals. What’s he going to do, suspend her? I seriously doubt that. Her father needs to stand up and do what’s in the best interest of Britney. I’m going to say that this isn’t an “official” decision and I think she’ll play in this game before it’s all said and done.


7 Responses

  1. She’s the number 1 HS player in the nation and has nothing to prove. I have more respect for her now that she is staying in school and doesn’t think the rules apply to her since she’s a bb phenom.

  2. The school admin at this school are a JOKE. This is pathetic they should be ashamed

  3. So she is the only reason you know the school exist????
    I’m going to list a few names for you
    Aaron Glenn, Daunte Hall (Xfactor), Quentin Griffin (OU vs TX 7 tds), Michael Bourn. and tha list goes on…..
    Plus shes on the way to graduating with honors, and most importantly SHES already played the game only thing that could have happened is her getting hurt. shes already solidified her place in womens bball.. Let her and her familly plus her principal( who plays a great part in any great athletes achivement) be comfortable in there decisions dont be selfish you’ll get to see her play soon enough. We understand you just wrote the story for a check…..

  4. Well since i publicly posted this comment let me publicly say that I’m am an Nimitz alum that is very proud of all the accomplished athletes that come from Nimitz. Also to the blog writter thanks for keeping us up on tha real, I was wondering what the deal was with her not playing. I do and will respect your bball input I just got caught up for a second swelling with pride. Keep doing what your doing and i’ll keep reading. Lets all wish Britney well.

  5. I’d tell the principle to go get ******!

  6. For those of you not born either in the first half of the 20th century or at its midpoint, get ready for a treat. This is the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain [when the press began covering the first athletic 7-footer out of Overbrook h.s.]

    Mens–yes, men’s basketball–was played below the rim, for the most part when Chamberlain began his journey into the nations consciousness; just as Griner gets ready to make her mark on a game that’s played at the same level the men’s game was at circa 1957-60. Here’s the difference, the women’s game’s athleticism is increasing at warp speed and college and pro-teams are much more integrated than they were at mid-century.

    Settle back and enjoy yourself; you’re in for a treat.

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