The Chicago Bulls & Miami Heat – Instant Classic!

Dwyane WadeI’m not sure if last night’s game was on anywhere else besides Chicago and Miami, but if it was and you actually watched it, you saw arguably the best NBA game all season. I’m going to say that it was probably one of the top 10 NBA games of all time. The game was so good, I stood in front of my TV the last 3 minutes of regulation and through both overtimes! I just knew that my Bulls were going to pull it out, but that man…Flash, Chi-Town’s finest ripped my heart out. Dwyane Wade hit a running 3 pointer at the buzzer to end the game in the 2nd overtime. Not only that, but he also hit a 3 to send the game into overtime at the end of regulation. It was a game the Bulls probably shouldn’t have lost, but I was glad to see that the team had a lot of fight in them and they played hard until the end. My only question is why was the ball in John Salmons’ hand at the end? Sure he had Udonis Haslem on him and he did play OK last night, but Ben Gordon WENT OFF!! D Wade had 48pts last night, but Ben Gordon put up 43 and he was the sole reason the Bulls were even in the game. He hist some BIG shots last night so if anybody should’ve had the ball in his hands at the end of the game, it should’ve been him or at the very least Derrick Rose. Worse case scenario the game would’ve gone into a third overtime if the shot was missed. I also don’t think that D Wade gambles on the steal if one of those guys would’ve had the ball.

I can’t get mad that my squad lost though, that was the most incredible game I’ve ever seen. If anybody feels that Dwayne Wade doesn’t deserve MVP consideration…they’d better think again. Even though he doesn’t play for our team, Chi-Town stand up…Dwyane Wade belongs to us!!


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