Happy Birthday To The National Basketblog!!

basketball-birthdayWell, it was exactly one year agao today that I came to the conclusion that I hated my job and wanted to start on a path of doing something that I loved which was writing. So I started blogging! I never thought that this blog would’ve taken off the way that it has, but I’m so thankful to all of the people who’ve read the blog and left comments.  A lot’s changed since I started this blog. I haven’t posted anything recently because I’m working on a story that’s going to appear in an upcoming issue of Dime magazine!! That was my goal when I started blogging was to one day write for a national publication and Dime has given me a shot (thanks Pat)! I’m still going to keep the blog going, but until I get my piece completed, the posts won’t be coming as frequently as they used to. Still, there’s a lot of great stuff in the archives for you to check out. Thanks again to everybody that’s helped me and encouraged me to keep me writing.


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  1. Congratulations !!!

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