Marcus Jordan To Attend the University Of Central Florida

I’ve been telling people for about 3 years now that Jeff Jordan is alot better than Marcus Jordan. I think I just proved marcus-jordanmy case. Jeff  had scholarship offers from Loyola (Ill.), Valparaiso and couple of other mid-major schools, but he chose to walk on at the University of Illinois and has been getting a few minutes here and there over the past two years. That took a lot of guts to do that. OK, so he was a preferred walk on and hewas going to make the team anyway. But he’s been playing pretty much since he got there and he just earned his scholarship in January on a major D1 basketball program in the Big 10.

Marcus on the other hand — after leading his Whitney Young Dolphins to an Illinois state championship a few weeks ago —  just signed with UCF. I had to look them up because I couldn’t even remember what conference they were in (Conference USA)! They went 18-14 this past season, not bad but not great either. But UCF is a football school. Not only that, but he chose to play basketball in a conference that begins and ends with the University of Memphis. Not smart. It’s not like he’s going to put them on the basketball map or change the culture of the school. He’s OK, but certainly not good enough to do that. Daunte Culpepper is the biggest athlete to ever come out of that university. He’s worshipped there. In it’s history, the University has produced only one NBA player (that I’ve never heard of) and two WNBA players (that I’ve never heard of or care about). So while Jeff will be getting burn for the Illini next year on national TV, Marcus will be playing for a squad whose games won’t be broadcast outside of Orlando. Oh well, at least by playing in Conference USA he should get a chance to play at home once a year. I wish him the best of luck though. I wonder if UCF is going to get a Jordan contract now. Hmm….


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