The G.O.A.T. Not Thrilled About Being HOF Bound?

Hall of Fame Basketball

We all knew it was going to happen. Was anybody surprised that Michael Jordan is a first ballot HOF’er? Hardly. What was more surprising however is listening to MJ as he sat in front of the Hall of Fame backdrop talking about being inducted and sounding, well…let’s just say he didn’t seem too thrilled about it.

The man is so competitive and it’s obvious he still thinks he can get out there, lace ’em up and compete with the current crop of NBA superstars. Could he? Don’t think so. No disrespect. But being voted into the hall of fame for him means an end to the thought that he can still come back and play. Or at least the mystique of it anyway. To Mike, going into the Hall of Fame is the equivalent of his game being buried six feet deep with dirt being kicked on top of it. To him, it makes him feel like a has been.

But Money, you’re the greatest of all time!! The best to ever do it. You don’t have anything else to prove to us. We are mere mortals! Your legacy is set. Your status is untouchable. Do like Magic, Charles, Larry and all of the other great ones that have retired and accept the finality of it and move on with your life. You’re much more than a basketball player, at least in my mind. But I’m sure in everybody elses as well. Don’t fight it. Enjoy this honor; the ultimate accomplishment and validation of a great basketball career and ride off into the sunset…


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