Blake Griffin Declares For The NBA Draft

Oklahoma Griffin Basketball

He’s ready. It’s just that simple. There’s nothing left to be said. This kid is LEAGUE READY. He gave us two years of complete domination in the college game. Yeah, UNC won the national championship and the whole country just loves Tyler Hansbrough. We all saw UCONN in the Final Four with Hasheem Thabeet. But Blake Griffin is better than both of those guys. It’s not even close. Remember when he dived over the scorers table his first game back from the concussion? I was watching Sportscenter the night it happened. They showed it 10 times…IN A ROW!! I remember thinking to myself, out of all the things this kid has done since he’s been at Oklahoma, that play right there is the one that made him a lock to be the #1 pick in June.

And as far as his pro potential? I’m thinking Dwight Howard, but with much better basketball skills. And he will most definitely shoot a better FT percentage! So I’m going on record right now, and I don’t care if I’m right or wrong but I’m putting it out there. By now, you all should know how I feel about NBA conspiracy theories. I believe in ’em. I’ve seen ’em. So my 2009 NBA conspiracy is the Oklahoma City Thunder getting the #1 pick and take Griffin who was born where? Oklahoma City! It makes perfect sense. Homegrown. McDonald’s All American. 22 and 14 every night. Big 12 player of the year…everybody’s player of the year. They did it for LeBron. Derrick Rose too. We’ll find out on May 19th if I’m crazy or not.


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