Greg Paulus Is Trying To Play Football?

PaulusOK, there are two teams in all of sports that I hate with a passion. The Duke Blue Devils and the Green Bay Packers! Yesterday it was reported that Duke’s PG Greg Paulus worked out for the Packers last week. He pretty much rewrote the New York HS football record books (11,763 passing yards & a 42-3 HS record) and was named the Gatorade Football POY, Parade All-American and started in the US Army All-American Game. He was offered football scholarships to Miami and Notre Dame but ultimately decided to play basketball at Duke. He also stopped by the University of Michigan yesterday to talk to head coach Rich Rodriguez about possibly playing football there since he has a year of college football eligibility to burn. I guess he’s trying to go the NFL route because there is no way he’s going to make it in the NBA. But unless this kid is the second coming of Doug Flutie, I don’t see him making it on the football field either. He’d better do what all the other Duke basketball alums that have no chance of going pro do…put on a suit and pull up a chair next to Coach K.

On second thought, I hope the Packers pick him up. Then I hope Aaron Rodgers and whoever the second string QB is goes down. And then his first start as an NFL QB will be against the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field and we “CUT HIS F’***ING HEAD OFF!!!”


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