Isiah Thomas To Coach At Florida International University

In a couple of hours, Florida International University will hold a press conference introducing Isiah Thomas as its Zekenext head coach. He signed a 5 year deal yesterday and I followed this story the whole day on ESPN and the various other outlets talking about it. After giving it some thought, I think it’s a good move for Zeke and I’ll be glad to see him back on the sidelines. He’s really not a bad coach if you look at the success he had in Toronto and Indiana. The debacle in New York…well, that’s another story. I’m not quite sold on how good of a judge of talent he is though. Sure, he drafted Damon Stoudamire when he was in Toronto, but the team he put together in NY was awful. I was almost positive he was trying to sign every cat from Chicago that he could!

College basketball on the other hand will be a good fit for him and give him a chance to revive his career. I mean seriously, who can’t recruit a kid to come to Miami to play basketball?! Certainly Isiah Thomas could with his basketball pedigree and name alone. Plus, FIU has had a couple of players in the league that kids will recognize right away in Raja Bell and Carlos Arroyo. The Sun Belt Conference isn’t a powerhouse, but Zeke just made FIU the most high profile program in the whole league. I’m not sure how long it will take him to turn the program into a winner — if he can even do it all — but if he has even moderate success in south Florida maybe he can get himself back into the league.

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  1. This guy is a trainwreck. It is only going to hurt FIU.


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