Introducing…Tiffara Steward

Basketball players come from all over the world. From major cities, to small towns that no one has ever heard of tiffara-stewardbefore. They come in different shapes and in different sizes and the skill and athleticism that they possess to compete on the basketball court is remarkable. But there is NO basketball player ANYWHERE as remarkable as Tiffara Steward of Farmingdale State College in Long Island, NY. She’s the starting PG for the Rams, is 20yrs old, stands 4’6″, wears a size 1 shoe and only weighs 90lbs (yes, you read that right). Not only that but she was born 3mos early, underwent 6 surgeries before she was 3yrs old, one of her legs is shorter than the other, she still battles severe scoliosis, AND she’s blind in her right eye and partially deaf! Still, in spite of all that she’s the team co-captain and was just named the 2009 Comeback Award recipient of the V Foundation. She is truly an inspiration and like the number on her jersey, she’s #1 in my book. Check it out…


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