Jeremy Tyler – Prep Star To Drop Out Of HS To Play In Europe

jeremy-tyler-2It’s being reported that Jeremy Tyler, a 6’11” junior out of San Diego HS in California will drop out of school and play professionally in Europe. This is officially a WTF moment!! I’ve seen the kid play once in a nationally televised game on ESPNU against Renardo Sidney a few months ago. He did OK and certainly held his own against Sidney; I even liked the fact that he was talking a little crap to Renardo too. But dropping out of HS to play professional basketball in Europe is absolutely the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard!! I called out Brandon Jennings on this one and I’m calling out Jeremy Tyler now. What’s going on in the minds of these kids from California? Must be the high cost of living on the “Left Coast” that’s driving these kids to make these decisions…or Sonny Vaccaro.

After hearing about Brandon Jennings experience in the email that he sent and then watching his interview on HBO with Bryant Gumbel, I was sure that no kid in his right mind would ever take the international route again. But now we have a kid who verbally committed to play for Rick Pitino at Louisville passing on his senior year of HS to go pro. That means that he’s going to have to spend 2 years overseas before he can be eligible to come back home and play in the NBA. Who knows, because he’s a big man maybe it will be easier for him to have more success than Jennings had in Europe, but dropping out of HS to find out? Jeremy, I know that you live in San Diego, CA where the cost of living is one of the highest in the US, and I know that you’re not dropping out of HS to go work at McDonald’s…but seriously!!


2 Responses

  1. I would like to know where the parents are.. No child should be allowed to make that kind of decision. Basketball might not always be an option, where an education especially finishing high school is essential.
    I believe the all might dollar gets into the kids and parents heads and that is all they see.

  2. yea bizarre decision, I wrote about it too

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