Steph Curry To Go Pro

Steph CurryThis is the first time that I’ve written about Steph Curry on the blog. But after the news of him turning pro broke, I figured this was as good a time as any. There’s no question this kid has arguably the sweetest shooting stroke in college basketball. He comes from good stock, we all know who his dad is. The nation’s leading scorer this past season averaging almost 29ppg made the right decision because his stock couldn’t be any higher right now than it was during his breakout, almost-made-it-to-the-Final-Four season he had a year ago.

I’ve watched quite a few of his games over the past 2 seasons and I like what I see so far. My only complaint is that he relies a little too much on his jumper and he isn’t as aggressive going to the basket. I’m sure that aggressiveness will come once cats start taking it to his head in the league. I’m also concerned about his position. He ran the point this year at Davidson obviously in preparation to play PG in the NBA, but he’s not a true PG. Sure you can learn to play the position, but PG’s are born…not taught. Lastly, he isn’ that athletic so guarding the elite PG’s is going to be an issue as well. Yeah you can play zone in the league, but it’s still 99% man-to-man defense and I’m not sure if he can stay in front of guys like Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and Chris Paul. Ultimately, Steph Curry is a basketball player with a father who had a solid career in the league and he’s also good friends with LeBron James. Those things should bode well for him seeing success. I don’t see him being a star at the next level though, especially not playing the point. Derrick Rose he’s not. As I’m writing this, visions of JJ Redick are dancing in my head. You can find him on the end of the Orlando Magic bench. Sorry Steph, but this could be you. Good luck though; much success to you.


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