New Orleans Hornets…CRUSHED!!


Man, I’ve watched a lot of NBA games in my life…but I have NEVER witnessed a beatdown like the one the Denver Nuggets put on the New Orleans Hornets tonight. I usually don’t watch blowouts, but the Nuggets beat the Hornets by 58pts!! I had to watch that!! I sent text messages out to my guys about the score and none of them believed me. The Hornets flat out quit tonight and that’s pretty much what this game boiled down to. Chris Paul had 4pts, 6 assists, 6 TO’s and didn’t shoot a single FT. That’s ridiculous. They should be embarrassed to even call themselves professionals. By the end of the 3rd quarter the arena was practically empty and the game went from being pathetic to outright funny. I actually started rooting for Denver to run up the score and beat the Hornets by as many points as they possibly could. New Orleans’ point totals by quarter looked like this: 15pts, 24pts, 11pts & 13pts. When the game was over, the 121-63 score tied the Hornets for the largest margin of defeat in playoff history. Chris Webber kept rounding the 58pt loss up to 60pts on NBA TV after the game and he said that the Nuggets beat New Orleans like they owed them money!! If ESPN dubbed Sundays Bulls/Celtics game an instant classic, then this one should be an instant classic as well. A 58pt playoff blowout is must see TV in my book.



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