Dwight Howard Facing Possible Game 6 Suspension

86012991SG008_PHILADELPHIA_Dwight Howard had 24pts, 24rebs and 1 thrown elbow to the head of Samuel Dalembert which could possibly earn him a seat next to Stan “The Master of Panic” Van Gundy in Philly for game 6. Interim head coach Tony DiLeo has asked the league to review video of the elbow thrown by Howard in the opening minutes of the game and I’m convinced that Stu Jackson will find that it was a flagrant offense and he will be served with a one game suspension and a fine. The refs T’d him up but didn’t eject him and “Superman” went on to dominate the rest of the night. Howard says that he’s not trying to hurt anybody out there and I believe him, but even the most even keeled players — which Dwight Howard is — can and will get frustrated and react out on the court. So if he is suspended, at least he won’t have to sit out an elimination game but it is eerily reminiscent of the ’07 Spurs/Suns series when Amare Stoudamire got suspended for game 5 which I think ultimately cost the Suns and sent them home for the summer.


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  1. Since I have seen surprisingly little clamor about this affair, I have decided to bring it to the purview of whomever did not happen to see this game.

    Last night, in the transfer of Philadelphia to Orlando, the fifth game, about 3 minutes into the first quarter, I witnessed an astonishing turn of events, obviously not only me. On a missed shot, Dwight Howard maliciously attempted to maim Dalembert with an energic and forceful elbow to his temporal region, the weakest squamose cranial bone in the head. The elbow could have done real and lasting harm to Dalembert.

    For this incident, since apparently the word is out from the League to the Referees, he was assessed (Howard) a measly one-shot technical foul, in open violation of League Statutes. The League Rules dictate that for this sort of intentional and malicious flagrant foul, that a flagrant foul 2 be assessed with automatic game ejection. However, here we are talking about one of Stern’s golden boys – Dwight Howard – who must be apparently protected and to which the League Rules do not apply!

    As a consequence of Howard remaining illicitly in the game, Orlando was able to assure itself the victory. Had Howard been justly ejected, and he should have been, it is extremely doubtful that Orlando would have won this game. Therefore, the Referees willingly acted to false the result of this game by their willful non-observance of League Rules.

    Philadelphia should be going back home to play a sixth game in Philadelphia ahead by 3-2!

    There should have also been a suspension, for at least Game 6, of Dwight Howard, and therefore, the probable winning of the series by Philadelphia by the final tally of 4-2. However, this will not happen because the League does not want Orlando to be eliminated obviously as attested to by their scandalous arbitration of last night.

    If the League wishes to make amends, and cover up their obvious bias attempting to false the results of playoff series, then the very least that they can do now, after having totally ripped Philadelphia off of last night’s game result, is to disqualify Dwight Howard for the remainder of the series. To suspend him only for the next game in Philadelphia would be a total insult to the intelligence of anyone having a brain since the inaction by the corrupt arbitration in this game allowed Orlando to go up by one game with an ill-earned, and not merited victory last night!

    I, for one, am sick and tired of arbitration scandals, and of obvious favoritism by the League thinking only of their pocketbook, and how to protect the money-earning marquee players and carrying them as far into the playoffs as they possibly can, by hook or by crook! My use of “crook”, in this case, is certainly a pun intended!

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