Bulls Go Down In Game 7 (And I Didn’t Even Watch!!)

Bulls Celtics Basketball

You ever have the feeling where if you would’ve watched your favorite team play they would’ve won the game instead of losing it? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about the Bulls losing to the Celtics tonight. Why didn’t I watch the finale of arguably the greatest 1st round playoff series ever? Because I was sleeping. Yep, that’s right…sleeping!! Last night I went to a Nike Air Yeezy release party at SuccezZ which is an upscale clothing and sneaker boutique in downtown Chicago owned by my man Bobby Simmons of the New Jersey Nets and LaVell “V-Dot” Sykes. The atmosphere was cool, there were sneakerheads galore, the DJ was nice and the bartenders were great!! The event went into the wee hours of the morning and needless to say, I got home pretty late. Then I had to get right back up to catch the 10am showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine with my 4yr old son. The movie was very cool by the way and everybody should go see it. So going on about 3 hours of sleep I had a massive Gyro a couple of hours before the game and I decided to take a nap before tip-off. 7hrs later I find myself blogging about how I missed the whole thing!! I didn’t even set my DVR because I didn’t expect to sleep through it.

It’s all good though…I caught the highlights of it. The Bulls played a pretty good game but I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think they had a chance to pull it out; especially not in Boston. They gave it all they had, but being a young team playing game 7 on the road against the defending champs wasn’t exactly a recipe for victory. Plus, I think the way the series had gone up to that point — and all of the drama of it — took a toll on my squad that they just weren’t mature enough yet to know how to overcome. Win or lose, it was a heck of a run by Chicago and I’m satisfied because the whole world saw how they left it all on the court and that’s what you want to see from any team. It makes me proud to be a Bulls fan, and I think this series helped us pick up more fans in the process. Sure if the Celtics would’ve had KG maybe the series would’ve been different, but they didn’t and the “Baby Bulls” took it to the champs and gave them everything they could ever ask for in a  7 game series. The Orlando Magic should send the Bulls thank you cards and free passes to Disney or something!

Still, I wish they would’ve won. I should’ve watched. Bulls fans can blame me.


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