The Lakers Win Their 15th NBA Championship…Kobe Named Finals MVP

Kobe Bryant Finals MVP

I’ve spent a lot of timeduring this years playoffs unnecessarily defending Kobe Bryant. From my fellow writers and readers of my articles on, to people on the street, Facebook and Twitter. It just blows my mind the way people view his basketball ability and I personally feel like I shouldn’t have to defend him at all. Who he is as a player and what he brings to the game should be obvious to even the casual basketball observer, but it isn’t.

So last night LA won its 15th NBA championship putting them two behind the Boston Celtics. The sad part about the Lakers win and Kobe’s Finals MVP award is he will have even more haters now. There will be even more people who will come out of the woodwork and try and find ways to say that he’s overrated. Oh well…I guess you can’t please everybody.


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