LeBron James Is A Diva

Crawford Over James

Something happened on Monday at the LeBron James Skills Academy that I thought was pretty funny when I first heard about it but I had no intention of writing anything on it until it started to pick up steam and is now the hot topic in the NBA.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then I’m sure you’ve already heard about Jordan Crawford (no relation), a 6’4″ guard from Xavier University and his dunk heard ’round the world. A dunk that unfortunately will never be seen. It happened during a scrimmage between some of the top college players in the country who work as counselor’s at the camp and LeBron James himself.

According to Crawford, the play happened during the first 20 minutes of a game that lasted about two hours. He said he came down the middle of the lane and LeBron was there and he just dunked it. After that play, LeBron called over Lynn Merritt who is Nike Basketball’s Senior Director and they had a conversation. The next thing you know, Merritt confiscated the tapes of the two cameramen who were filming the pick-up game although there are no rules against filming at the camp.

When the news of what happened got to me on Tuesday, I just shook my head. It basically confirmed everything that I’ve been saying about LeBron for a long time — and the very reason why I’m not King James crazy like everyone else seems to be — which is he’s a crybaby and a diva. He’s a very self absorbed person who is very image conscious and thinks everything is about him. This is a guy who takes himself way too seriously.

Getting dunked on is part of the game. It happens to everybody. Sometimes when you’re on the court you just end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even King James isn’t immune to that. For someone who is as image conscious as LeBron is, his attempts at “damage control” to try and keep this tape from getting out has done more harm to his reputation than good.

This story is going to evolve into some type of ridiculous barber shop and street corner urban legend that says Jordan Crawford took off from the free throw line, did a 360 between the legs behind the back jam and dunked LeBron as he chased him down and tried block it. I thought Nike wanted us all to be witnesses? I guess this is what you call “Witness Protection”.


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