The Stephon Marbury Experience

stephonFor those of you that didn’t know, hadn’t heard or simply didn’t care, Stephon Marbury just completed a 24hr webcast and live chat on Ustream this morning. The broadcast started at 6am PST yesterday from his home in LA and history was made a little over an hour ago.

After hearing about it I was initially going to ignore it, yet when I tuned in I spent a considerable part of my day yesterday and the last 20 minutes of the broadcast today watching. I can honestly say that once you tuned in, you couldn’t take your eyes off it. It’s not that there was anything overly spectacular going on, but it was just interesting to get a candid, inside look at the man known as Starbury.

Fans who logged into the chat were allowed to ask questions and he answered a whole lot of them, including the stupid ones. He even answered quite a few of my questions, responded to some of my comments, and gave my two sons a shout out that were watching with me as well. He also took a lot of heat from some of the haters who logged in just to take jabs at him, yet he responded very gracefully although at times you could tell he was a little frustrated by it.

He was also very open and engaging. He talked about his relationship with God and showed that he was a real student of the Bible. He explained why he no longer wears jewelry. He talked about the comments LeBron James made about him during his refusal to suit up for the Knicks and why based on that, he felt the two could never play together. He talked about the situation in New York between himself, James Dolan, Mike D’Antoni and Isiah Thomas. And there were other moments where his candidness bordered on being uncomfortable.

He talked about the incident where he cheated on his wife. He talked about the night his father died and his last moments alive in the back of the ambulance. He talked about losing his virginity because he was molested as a child. And this is just from what I saw. There’s no telling what else he talked about when I wasn’t watching. Still, the fact that he even spoke on these things and didn’t hold anything back gave me a newly found respect for him and you could see that this was not the same guy that came into the league 14 years ago.

Admittedly, I can say that I was a Marbury hater. Like most of us, I shaped my opinion on what I’d seen and heard about him in the media. But this event really changed my mind about him and I wish the best for him in his career. He’s not concerned with being one of the games elite players anymore, instead he’s more concerened with being a better person and helping as many people as he can. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.


Eddie House – “That’s What Happens When You Start Busting Somebody’s A**”

The NBA playoffs this year have been very, very chippy and this quote from Eddie House is classic!! The open handed slap to the head was pretty funny too. Forget the new NBA slogan “Where Amazing Happens”, let’s go back to “I Love This Game”!!

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Bulls Go Down In Game 7 (And I Didn’t Even Watch!!)

Bulls Celtics Basketball

You ever have the feeling where if you would’ve watched your favorite team play they would’ve won the game instead of losing it? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about the Bulls losing to the Celtics tonight. Why didn’t I watch the finale of arguably the greatest 1st round playoff series ever? Because I was sleeping. Yep, that’s right…sleeping!! Last night I went to a Nike Air Yeezy release party at SuccezZ which is an upscale clothing and sneaker boutique in downtown Chicago owned by my man Bobby Simmons of the New Jersey Nets and LaVell “V-Dot” Sykes. The atmosphere was cool, there were sneakerheads galore, the DJ was nice and the bartenders were great!! The event went into the wee hours of the morning and needless to say, I got home pretty late. Then I had to get right back up to catch the 10am showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine with my 4yr old son. The movie was very cool by the way and everybody should go see it. So going on about 3 hours of sleep I had a massive Gyro a couple of hours before the game and I decided to take a nap before tip-off. 7hrs later I find myself blogging about how I missed the whole thing!! I didn’t even set my DVR because I didn’t expect to sleep through it.

It’s all good though…I caught the highlights of it. The Bulls played a pretty good game but I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think they had a chance to pull it out; especially not in Boston. They gave it all they had, but being a young team playing game 7 on the road against the defending champs wasn’t exactly a recipe for victory. Plus, I think the way the series had gone up to that point — and all of the drama of it — took a toll on my squad that they just weren’t mature enough yet to know how to overcome. Win or lose, it was a heck of a run by Chicago and I’m satisfied because the whole world saw how they left it all on the court and that’s what you want to see from any team. It makes me proud to be a Bulls fan, and I think this series helped us pick up more fans in the process. Sure if the Celtics would’ve had KG maybe the series would’ve been different, but they didn’t and the “Baby Bulls” took it to the champs and gave them everything they could ever ask for in a  7 game series. The Orlando Magic should send the Bulls thank you cards and free passes to Disney or something!

Still, I wish they would’ve won. I should’ve watched. Bulls fans can blame me.

Bulls Force Game 7 In Another Epic Against The Celtics!!


You’d think by me being a Bulls fan I would’ve blogged about this series already right? Well here it is! Game 6 last night in Chicago is by far the best NBA playoff game I’ve ever seen in my life. Another certified ESPN instant classic. This series is arguably the best in the history of the NBA playoffs. There are so many story lines in this series it’s not even funny. There have been 106 lead changes, 65 ties, 7 OT’s which is an NBA record and with the exception of game 3 which was a blowout, the other 5 games have been decided by 3pts or less; also an NBA record. That’s absolutely unreal!! Game 7 is Saturday night and I’m so pumped up I can hardly type! You know what, screw it! Just watch the highlights…I can’t do it.

Tony Allen Receives Death Threats In Chicago

Security was beefed up last night in the United Center over death threats made against Tony Allen. This has been going Warriors Celtics Basketballon for some time now, I suspect stemming from an incident he was involved in almost 4 years ago outside a late night Chicago “grease spot” although reports have stated that it’s due to a separate, unrelated incident. He was acquitted of aggravated assault 2 years after that fight in ’05, but this is Chicago…and the streets don’t acquit you, they get you ’round here. So whoever is after Tony (reportedly a former associate) is obviously pretty serious about it (he’s been receiving threats since March) and the Celtics and the NBA are taking extra precautions to make sure nothing happens while the team is in town for the playoffs. Allen who is from the west side of Chicago and played at Crane HS knows what the deal is when it comes to having beef in Chicago, so I’m sure he knows to stay out of sight while he’s here. I guess you really can’t go home again!

KG Out For The Playoffs

KGI got a text message this morning asking how I thought the Bulls would do against the Celtics in the playoffs. I replied, with a healthy Kevin Garnett the Bulls would probably get swept or maybe win one game. Well, now it’s being reported that KG might miss the entire postseason with that knee strain he’s been dealing with. Doc River’s says that if KG had to go today, he couldn’t and that he just doesn’t look good.

So now my answer to that question is that Derrick Rose and company could possibly knock the Celtics out of the playoffs! Without Garnett, Boston is in trouble and there is no way we’ll get a Lakers/Celtics championship rematch this year. It’s really unfortunate for KG because you know that he REALLY wants to get out there and help his squad. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen probably won’t be enough to get them past the second round this year. The playoffs start Saturday…maybe the guy holding up this sign should rethink things.

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Stephon Marbury Is Officially A Celtic!!

A picture truly is worth a thousand words…

Stephon Marbury - Celtics