KG Out For The Playoffs

KGI got a text message this morning asking how I thought the Bulls would do against the Celtics in the playoffs. I replied, with a healthy Kevin Garnett the Bulls would probably get swept or maybe win one game. Well, now it’s being reported that KG might miss the entire postseason with that knee strain he’s been dealing with. Doc River’s says that if KG had to go today, he couldn’t and that he just doesn’t look good.

So now my answer to that question is that Derrick Rose and company could possibly knock the Celtics out of the playoffs! Without Garnett, Boston is in trouble and there is no way we’ll get a Lakers/Celtics championship rematch this year. It’s really unfortunate for KG because you know that he REALLY wants to get out there and help his squad. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen probably won’t be enough to get them past the second round this year. The playoffs start Saturday…maybe the guy holding up this sign should rethink things.

Celtics Nuggets Basketball


More Holiday Sneakers

LeBron and Kobe weren’t the only ones wearing special Christmas Day kicks. Here are a few more. Steve Nash looks like he’s out there in a running shoe and check out Dwight Howard’s “Superman” edition Adidas TS Bounce Commanders. Yoooouuuuuuu!!

Dwiaght Howard Superman Adidas

D Fish 12-25

Bynum 12-25



Big Baby 12-25

Paul Pierce 12-25

KKKG Christmas


Boston Celtics – Top Of The World

For all you Celtics fans, this is the new book written by Peter May chronicling the C’s championship run last year.

top of the world

Adidas Basketball – The Run

Just showing you how the “Brotherhood” gets down in the summer time baby.

NBA 2K9 – The OBF Films

I’m a big fan of the 2K series video game. I used to be a NBA Live guy until I got turned on to 2K and I have been a fan ever since. This years cover boy is Kevin Garnett and he and some of his guys put out these hilarious commercials…



Basketball Commercials – Part IV (Adidas)

The commercials were a lot better when Adidas had Kobe…



Basketball Commercials – Part III (And 1)